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Strapping & Securing - PPC
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Strapping & Securing
Strapping & Securing
Strapping & Securing
Strapping & Securing
Strapping & Securing

Strapping & Securing

There are multiple strapping and securing options, depending on the type of material and specific need. Whether the strapping is polyester, polypropylene or steel, PPC has the right equipment to secure your products.

We provide quality Acme™, Polychem™ and Signode™ manufactured strapping equipment to get the job done safely, with maximum speed and efficiency. PPC also offers a wide range of equipment from manual table-top models to fully automatic strapping systems that can be directly integrated with your production lines.

In addition, a full line of equipment for steel strapping is available including feed wheel, pneumatic, windlass, and push type tensioners.

Contact PPC for the best strapping and securing solution. Our experts help you determine the best material to use depending on the nature of the job.
Strapping & Securing Packaging Product and parent company Pacific Packaging each have over 60 years in the packaging industry which has strengthened our expertise in providing strapping and securing solutions.