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Sustainability Commitment

We take our packaging footprint on the Earth seriously with our commitment to engineering products that fulfill green initiatives and promote sustainability while providing economic benefits to our customers.

We are continually developing packaging alternatives and green products that have added benefits of working hard for our customers reducing cost and waste while satisfying environmental goals.

As you browse our product pages look for products with the symbol which denote our specific green initiative products.


Almost every PPC product is made with 100% recyclable raw materials with many products also utilizing sustainable reusable designs.

We understand that even though products may be recyclable, it may not always be easy or available in normal business practice. That is why we have designed specific product lines to be easily recycled or reused spanning a wide range of applications to help satisfy company and customer green initiatives.

Below are the products that effectively reduce both cost and waste without extra steps involved.

Dry Corrugated Boxes
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to break down and tough enough to reuse
Wax Alternative Boxes
  • 100% recyclable with regular corrugated boxes
  • Safe & effective alternative to surface coated wax boxes
Plastic Containers
  • Sustainable product with a long-lasting reusable design
  • Plastic is made of 100% recyclable material