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Temperature Monitors
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Temperature Monitors
Temperature Monitors
Temperature Monitors
Temperature Monitors
Temperature Monitors

Temperature Monitors

Enables better quality control and safety decisions through accurate temperature monitoring during distribution or storage of seafood, beef, poultry, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and other temperature critical products.

  • Waterproof small food-safe packaging
  • Digitally records time and temperature data
  • Status lights enable quick decisions
  • Easy and cost effective to implement
  • UltraContact Labels

  • XpressPDF Labels

  • AutoSense Wireless Labels
Temperature Monitors PakSense labels accurately digitally monitor the time and temperature of your perishable products during the entire distribution cycle and storage with product lines created for economical solutions, food and seafood, as well as medical industry needs.

The Ultra Contact line is an economical choice featuring an instant temperature breach indicator light and uses a recorder to scan the label on arrival to upload and store data. The XpressPDF line features an integrated USB connection to be easily plugged into any computer port eliminating the need for a proprietary reader and are available in three different models; lite, general use, and Biomed with capabilities for pharmaceutical and other extra sensitive products. Autosense Wireless Labels are an option for those looking to streamline the monitoring process with its ability to automatically send data to smartphones when in range of receivers.
Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to recommend the right cost-effective monitoring solution for your product and distribution cycle.