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Molded Foam Shippers
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Molded Foam Shippers
Molded Foam Shippers
Molded Foam Shippers
Molded Foam Shippers
Molded Foam Shippers
Molded Foam Shippers
Molded Foam Shippers
Molded Foam Shippers

Molded Foam Shippers

These boxes are ideal for long distance shipments of live shellfish and tropical fish, and our StandAlone® shippers are used primarily for fresh iced fish going to supermarkets.

  • Holds temperature longer than any other product
  • Airline approved
  • No assembly required
  • Waterproof
  • Superior quality & ultimate protection
  • Stacking Design

  • Regular Molded Foam Shipper
    Designed to be used with an outer corrugated master

  • StandAlone® Molded Foam Shippers

  • Insulated Shipping Kits
    Kits are convenient and economical for smaller coordinating orders of foam shippers, best when inventory space is limited, or when multiple sizes are needed.

Molded Foam Shippers Our molded foam shippers are available in two construction design types, regular molded and StandAlone® molded. Regular molded shippers are designed to be paired with an outer corrugated master box. Our trademarked StandAlone® shippers have an integrated stud and insert design to allow boxes to interlock when stacked. They also feature an easy-on friction fit lid ensuring a tight seal is maintained eliminating the need for an outer box on palletized shipments. The average wall thickness for our molded foam shippers is 7/8".

All of our molded foam shippers can be paired with corrugated masters for extra heavy duty use or overnight individual box shipments. Our Arctic Pack® gel packs are used in shippers for fresh and frozen whole fish, steaks, and fillets.