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Gel Packs
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Gel Packs
Gel Packs
Gel Packs
Gel Packs
Gel Packs
Gel Packs
Gel Packs

Gel Packs


To keep shipments of food and medical supplies cold for longer term ship cycles. Required for air travel shipments.

  • 100% USFDA approved food grade approved or non-toxic ingredients
  • Extreme tear and puncture resistant design
  • Extra wide seals for zero leaks
  • Stays cold longer
  • Re-usable design


  • Original Arctic Pack
    Rigid gel, reusable design, food grade, 3-ply construction

  • Arctic Pack Extreme
    Super-rigid gel, food grade, high performance, 2-8* cold chain protection, reusable design, 3-ply construction

  • Glacier Gel
    Unstructured nontoxic gel, 2 ply construction, cost-effective for less critical shipments

Gel Packs

When shipping food items and medical supplies, it makes sense to package them with gel packs utilizing 100% food grade ingredients. PPC was the first company to develop such a gel pack. The Arctic Pack® line is constructed with important protective features superior to others on the market. Arctic Pack® is designed with Mylar sandwiched between two layers of extra pliable Dupot resin film to provide effective tear and puncture resistance. Arctic Pack® is a true rigid gel which ensures that the gel will resist leaking out of the bag if ever punctured. Our design uses unique extra wide seals assuring zero leaks, and the outer metallic layer is heat reflective which keeps our gel packs cold longer than the rest. Our Glacier Gel® pack utilizes a non-structured gel made of safe non-toxic ingredients that deliver utility and economic performance for less critical applications.

Our gel packs come in 5 convenient sizes, and we also have a pre-frozen service offering for companies looking to cut out the time it takes to freeze them properly.