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Fillet Containers
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Fillet Containers
Fillet Containers
Fillet Containers
Fillet Containers
Fillet Containers
Fillet Containers
Fillet Containers
Fillet Containers
Fillet Containers
Fillet Containers

Fillet Containers

Fillet pans are ideal for packing and shipping items such as fillets, roe, smoked fish, steaks, pickled products, and shellfish meats. They feature sturdy, snap-on lids to ensure safety during shipping and freshness upon arrival.

  • Tough rugged quality
  • Space saving with stacking and nesting design
  • Sturdy snap-on lid for freshness & secure seal
  • Increased Brand Visibility with Custom Printed Lids
  • Standard Rectangular Container
    Highest quality industry standard setting, available in 3 depths

  • Long Rectangular Container
    Unique to PPC, perfect to protect integrity of longer valuable fillets

  • Round Container
    Ideal to accommodate certain product types and differentiate your brand, available in 2 depths
Fillet Containers Our sought-after stacking and nesting fillet containers set the standard for high quality construction. These rugged containers provide maximum protection for fillets without the issues such as gaping, breaking, and distortion common to bagged fillets. We have also innovated a long container design to maintain the integrity of longer fillet products such as salmon, sea bass, and Mahi Mahi when shipped or displayed – no more folding in half. All are built to stack securely and to contribute to the strength of the master shipper they're placed in. Our lids are designed to fit snug but not airtight and to resist hydraulic surging. Melting ice drains off to the side and not into the container below.

Never miss a branding opportunity with our economical custom printed lids that are often washed and reused for years after delivery. We also offer tough master shipping containers for all our fillet containers in either wax saturated boxes or our trademark Arctic Box® insulated shippers.