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Pallet Wrapping
Pallet Wrapping
Pallet Wrapping

Pallet Wrapping

Advantages of automated stretch wrappers include:
  • Increased productivity and savings
  • Uniform and consistent application
  • Minimization of employee injury
  • Better quality control by protecting the goods
  • Reduced film waste by eliminating inconsistencies
  • Better finish and better first impression upon delivery
Automatic stretch wrappers allow you to create a secure, unitized pallet of goods. Optimal unit cost is improved, based on the innovative quality of the film and the sophistication of the equipment.

Manually wrapping a pallet results in approximately 20% stretch. Newer models of automated wrapping equipment can stretch the film more than 300%. Imagine being able to stretch your film by 300% and the reduction in film reflected your overall packaging costs!

Other Wrapping Equipment Considerations:
  • Low to medium, semi-automatic solutions to transparently integrated, high speed/high capacity, fully automated systems
  • Turntable, Straddle and Ring wrappers
  • Optimized containment force for varying applications
  • PPC through Pacific Packaging is a leading distributor of pallet wrapping equipment from Wulftec®:
The Wulftec® pallet wrapping machines are designed and ready to wrap any pallet load and ensure maximum efficiency, while cutting labor and film cost. Whether you need to wrap 10 or 1000 loads per day or a load that is unstable, extra-heavy or has an irregular shape, you can count on Wulftec® machines to get the job done Wulftec® stretch wrappers are designed to work flawlessly, even in the harshest conditions. The pallet wrappers are easy to set up, easy to operate and offer extremely secure wraps — load after load, year after year. Our process and equipment experts, along with our certified equipment technicians, are available to ensure that the best pallet wrapping solution is implemented and seamlessly supported for many years to come.

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Pallet Wrapping PPC as a division of Pacific Packaging has a long history of providing pallet-wrapping solutions to meet diverse needs. Our equipment includes, overhead swing arm pallet wrapping machines, low profile, high profile, manual stretch wrappers and other solutions.