PPC's History

PPC started in 1961 as a pioneer in frozen seafood packaging.

Throughout the years PPC has evolved, grown, and established itself as a perishable packaging innovator and leader in this industry.

We broadened our success to include a large variety of products and industries while staying true to our superior quality and service goals.
PPC was started by, Ted Heidenreich Jr, to develop innovative perishable packaging solutions for sectors of the seafood industry not being properly served by the food packaging manufacturers. Over 55 years later PPC remains an industry leader proudly owned and operated by Ted's family and many long-time employees who carry on his legacy of continually developing new perishable packaging solutions for evolving needs.

Perishable Packaging Specialists for over 55 years
PPC is on the map as an early perishable packaging pioneer!
Acquired Fish Pier Box Company!
PPC became the largest supplier of folding cartons to the New England seafood industry.
Created Modular Fillet Container!
PPC built the first set of modular fillet containers which has set the standard ever since!
Pioneered Arctic Box®!
Created a line of insulated shippers to protect seafood in transit to supermarkets & restaurants that remains an industry standard today.
Developed First Food Grade Gel –Arctic Pack®!
PPC formulated the first food grade rigid gel pack to be sold to the seafood and medical industries.
Engineered New Molded Box Type – Standalone Arctic Box®!
The standalone foam container was developed as an efficient solution eliminating an outer box need.
Welcome to Miami!
PPC opens a second fully staffed warehouse as a strategic location to expand delivery and export along the entire eastern seaboard, Latin America, and South America.
Innovated adapted use for IML Containers!
Only supplier to develop and offer plastic IML (In-Mold Label) containers as better cost-effective alternatives to tin in seafood industry.
PPC remains a private company whose strength is grounded in experience and a 'can do' company culture. Let us work with you to develop the perfect shipper for your product!