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Safety & Facilities Management Supplies
Focus areas include:
  • Janitorial Protective Gear – Face masks, boots, gloves
  • Floor Maintenance Janitorial Supplies – Floor Mats, Cleaners, Floor Machines, etc.
  • Building Maintenance Protective Gear – Gloves, eye, hearing and head protection
  • Fire Protective Gear – Gas masks, oxygen
  • Landscaping Protective Gear – Outdoor clothing, headgear, insect repellant
  • Testing Protective Gear - Hazmat clothing and headgear
  • Fall & Rescue Operational Solutions

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SAEFTY & FACILITIES MANAGEMENT SUPPLIES: PPC as a division of Pacific Packaging is backed by extensive protective gear expertise through over 60 years of service in the packaging industry.

Working in environments such as food packing, production facilities, medical and pharma, or any other hazardous setting, requires that you take adequate safety precaution. There are many factors to consider when choosing personal protection items, especially the head, eyes, face, ears and body.

Companies benefit by providing safety items and personal protection for workers and it can also increase the productivity. An employee who feels safe and protected will not be slowed down to hazardous conditions. An employee who gets injured will miss work, thus affecting job completion time, as well as face other personal health setbacks.

Other safety protection items to consider are headgear, face and eye protection, gloves, respirators, ergonomic equipment, absorbents and fall protection, such as harnesses.

PPC through Pacific Packaging is a major supplier of protective gear for the facility management.