June 24, 2018
The City of New Bedford, Massachusetts hereby offers its sincerest congratulations to Packaging Products Corporation in appreciation of your outstanding charity, service, and support for the people of Puerto Rico. The entire citizenry extends its very best wishes to this memorable occasion and expresses the hope for continued good fortune. Given this 24th Day of June, 2018 by Jon F. Mitchell, Mayor. PPC donated a generous amount of boxes and packaging material to transport emergency supplies to the people of Puerto Rico in the days following Hurricane Maria.
June 01, 2018 | Robert Rheault | ECSGA Newsletter
For several decades back when I was growing oysters I relied on PPC for all my custom-printed boxes, and was always impressed with their friendly and timely customer service. One call to the office and I would see their truck (usually the next day)... While most people look at packaging as just a container, Ted emphasizes the opportunity for branding and informing customers about the unique qualities of their products... Shellfish farmers have a great story when it comes to sustainability, and now the packaging industry has some very good recyclable options.
March 12, 2018 | Madelyn Kearns | Seafood Source
Seafood Source interview Ted Heidenreich & Gretta McGrath of PPC to provide industry expert insights for their 2018 Expo publication article on the current landscape of seafood industry packaging.
November 29, 2017 | Madelyn Kearns |
November 27, 2017 | Gretta H McGrath | PPC Press Release
November 09, 2017 | Christine Blank |
July 27, 2017 | Wesley Sykes |
May 15, 2017 | Madelyn Kearns |
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