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Fanuc's LR Mate series, a very popular Fanuc robot used for pick and place applications, reducing our customers labor rates and increasing our customers production output, helping our customers improve their efficiency. Fanuc's LR Mate robot acts like a human arm, offering up to 6 axis movement.

When looking for a Palletizing robot, Packaging Products recommends Fanuc's M-410 series robots. Using a Fanuc Robot for palletizing allows our customers to palletize several different products at the same time, offers unmatched flexibility, various pack patterns, and easy job recall when compared to conventional palletizers that have many limitations.

Packaging Products can offer its customers the proper Fanuc robot for any application, based upon the needs of our customers.
Case Erecting & Sealing
PPC's automation and equipment experts understand the need for companies to optimize their business operations, and leverage benefits such as:
  • Reduced tape and labor costs
  • Better presentation of cartons
  • Improved overall productivity
PPC offers the best case sealing solutions in the industry from companies such as 3M, Intertape and Wexxar, to make packaging for transport easier and more productive. From semi-automatic to fully automatic, PPC can recommend the right equipment for any size and type of operation.

  • Fixed or Random case sizes
  • Easily integrated into a production line
  • Consistent tape and glue application
  • Semi or fully Automatic systems
  • Stainless Steel and FDA approved systems
Our Case Sealing solutions also include: case labeling, printing, product conveyors, and packing stations.

Contact PPC for the best case erecting and sealing solutions.
Pallet Wrapping
Advantages of automated stretch wrappers include:
  • Increased productivity and savings
  • Uniform and consistent application
  • Minimization of employee injury
  • Better quality control by protecting the goods
  • Reduced film waste by eliminating inconsistencies
  • Better finish and better first impression upon delivery
Automatic stretch wrappers allow you to create a secure, unitized pallet of goods. Optimal unit cost is improved, based on the innovative quality of the film and the sophistication of the equipment.

Manually wrapping a pallet results in approximately 20% stretch. Newer models of automated wrapping equipment can stretch the film more than 300%. Imagine being able to stretch your film by 300% and the reduction in film reflected your overall packaging costs!

Other Wrapping Equipment Considerations:
  • Low to medium, semi-automatic solutions to transparently integrated, high speed/high capacity, fully automated systems
  • Turntable, Straddle and Ring wrappers
  • Optimized containment force for varying applications
  • PPC through Pacific Packaging is a leading distributor of pallet wrapping equipment from Wulftec®:
The Wulftec® pallet wrapping machines are designed and ready to wrap any pallet load and ensure maximum efficiency, while cutting labor and film cost. Whether you need to wrap 10 or 1000 loads per day or a load that is unstable, extra-heavy or has an irregular shape, you can count on Wulftec® machines to get the job done Wulftec® stretch wrappers are designed to work flawlessly, even in the harshest conditions. The pallet wrappers are easy to set up, easy to operate and offer extremely secure wraps — load after load, year after year. Our process and equipment experts, along with our certified equipment technicians, are available to ensure that the best pallet wrapping solution is implemented and seamlessly supported for many years to come.

Contact PPC for the best pallet wrapping solutions available today.
Shrink Wrapping
Key highlights and features of our shrink wrappers include:
  • Reliable package quality
  • Easy set-up, adjustment and operation
  • Few production disruptions
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Consistent package aesthetics

PPC can design solutions for virtually any packaging application. These applications include:
  • Shrink Bundling
  • Multi-pack Bundling
  • Shrink Overwrapping
  • Sleeve Wrapping

A number of different types and configurations are available, each depending on the products being wrapped, the type of packaging, and the integration requirements. Equipment types include:
  • Vertical and Horizontal Wrappers
  • Shrink Bundlers
  • Form, Fill and Seal
  • L-Sealers and Tunnels
  • Tuck and Fold Systems
  • Side Sealers

PPC offers the finest shrink wrapping solutions in the industry from premiere companies such as Texwrap and Clamco.

Contact PPC to speak with our equipment and automation experts for shrink film and wrapping solutions that fit your budget and cater to your specific need.

Automated Bagging
Bagging equipment provides solutions that:
  • Reduce labor and improve throughput
  • Provide more aesthetically appealing presentation
  • Reduce product damage and loss through providing consistent, secure seals

Features to consider when evaluating automated bagging systems include:
  • Type, fill and seal machines that use flexible, heat-sealable plastics
  • A gross bagging machine fills and weighs the bag simultaneously
  • Entirely automated bagging machines with automatic rope tying mechanisms
  • Net weighing machine enables the merchandise to be weighed prior to discharge into a bag
  • Handling Properties of the goods
  • Filling Spout and Feed Chute
  • Dust Protection
  • Safety and Ergonomics
  • Economics and Ongoing Maintenance

PPC offers a wide variety of equipment and configurations to optimize all of these considerations for your particular application. In addition to the equipment designed to automate the process, PPC offers the following types of material:
  • Custom Printed
  • General Purpose
  • Heavy Duty
  • HD Mailer
  • High Density Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Gamma Patient
  • Metalized Barrier Film
  • (ESD) Electrostatic Discharge
  • Anti-Static
  • (VCI) Vapor Corrosive Inhibitor
  • (MAP) Modified Atmospheric Packaging
  • Non-Scratch Film

Our process and equipment experts, along with our certified equipment technicians, are available to ensure that the best solution is implemented and seamlessly supported for many years to come.

Contact PPC for the best automated bagging solutions available.
Protective Packaging
PPC offers a wide variety of protective packaging systems to meet your business requirements, including:
  • Inflatable Pillow Systems
  • Paper Dunnage and Protection Systems
  • Loose Fill Dispensing
  • Bubble On Demand
  • Foam-In-Place systems

PPC offers systems that can be directly integrated into your production line, implemented at individual packing stations, or portable on an “on-demand" basis from premier manufacturers, such as Pregis, Ranpak, IPG, and Sealed Air.

Contact PPC equipment and automation experts for the right void and protective solution to fit your budget and your specific need.
Label & Identification
Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal printing methods are the most popular. Customizable options can include roll stock or fan fold, white or colored labels, and specific adhesive types.

Thermal transfer printers utilize a thermal print head to create an image, by transferring ink from ribbons onto the labels. This allows for high quality bar-code print, wider label options, use of color or black ribbons, while produced on robust equipment that has great durability.

Direct Thermal printers produce the same output, but without the use of ribbons. The direct thermal label stock image is produced directly from the thermal head, thus reducing the carbon footprint while saving on labor and other costs due to ribbon use.

Thermal printers can produce labels with graphics, text and bar codes and is useful when printing variable information or on various materials. The equipment is typically compact and fills an on-demand need when a custom printed label cannot.

PPC is a lead distributor of ITW Diagraph products and is proud to offer a wide range of world-class labeling and identification solutions, including Zebra, Sato, and Datamax printers.

Contact PPC for the best labeling and identification solution to meet your needs.
Strapping & Securing
There are multiple strapping and securing options, depending on the type of material and specific need. Whether the strapping is polyester, polypropylene or steel, PPC has the right equipment to secure your products.

We provide quality Acme™, Polychem™ and Signode™ manufactured strapping equipment to get the job done safely, with maximum speed and efficiency. PPC also offers a wide range of equipment from manual table-top models to fully automatic strapping systems that can be directly integrated with your production lines.

In addition, a full line of equipment for steel strapping is available including feed wheel, pneumatic, windlass, and push type tensioners.

Contact PPC for the best strapping and securing solution. Our experts help you determine the best material to use depending on the nature of the job.
Material Handling
Our 60+ year service to industry partners positions PPC as a primary source for all your material handling needs.

Contact PPC and our experienced team of professionals to discuss the best material handling solution for you.
Equipment & Repair
Whether you need to install new equipment, relocate the equipment or perform the standard maintenance, we are here for support. PPC places the highest priority on safety and quality so that the best solution is provided to your satisfaction.

PPC’s dependable support and expertise makes all the difference. Our team of expert engineers and repair technicians are only a phone call away. Our trained technicians are available for on-site service calls, as well as expedited same day dispatch service for emergency situations. 24 Hour Assistance is also available if needed. Keeping our customer’s lines running successfully is important to PPC, and a knowledgeable, highly trained, responsive service team allows us to do that.

Contact PPC for repair, preventive maintenance, or parts for all your equipment needs.