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100% Recyclable Coated Boxes

Our 100% recyclable alternative coated box was developed for customers dealing directly with the supermarket industry so that seafood shippers could be recycled along with all dry corrugated boxes supermarkets receive. These boxes are designed for shipments of 5-25lbs and 2-3 day long shipping cycles.

  • Environmentally Friendly (100% Recyclable)
  • Durable Construction
  • Reduces cost and waste for end user

  • 1 Piece Self Locking Closure

  • 1 Piece Self Locking Closure with Hinged folded over back

  • Custom Construction
100% Recyclable Coated Boxes Our wax alternative boxes are the strongest green initiative coated boxes on the market. They are constructed with specialized paper that has been manufactured with our 100% recyclable coating so that the box is fully coated throughout. We can construct our wax alternative boxes in any desired size or style and stock over 12 sizes as all times.