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Dry Corrugated Boxes
Dry Corrugated Boxes
Dry Corrugated Boxes
Dry Corrugated Boxes
Dry Corrugated Boxes
Dry Corrugated Boxes
Dry Corrugated Boxes

Dry Corrugated Boxes

Dry corrugated boxes are used as outer master cases typically containing packs of frozen products or as outer boxes for foam shippers.

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Space Saving with Stackable Design
  • Shipped Flat
  • Cost - Effective
  • Durable Construction
  • Fully Customizable (print, construction, & test)

  • One Piece Tape Closure
    One Piece Tape Closure Most widely used shipping cartons referred to as Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC) - used for storage or outer shippers. Flaps meet in the middle when folded requiring tape.

  • One Piece Self-Locking Closure
    Custom order dry boxes with flaps cut to interlock removing the need for tape, glue, or staples to seal.

  • Custom Construction
    We can create anything you can come up with
Dry Corrugated Boxes Our dry corrugated boxes are designed for strength and durability. They are constructed to precisely fit the product packaging they will contain, and are die cut accurately to ensure they stack perfectly. Double wall extra strength construction can be special ordered in any size. These extra strength boxes are constructed by adding thickness and weight or extra corrugated layers, and we can add water-resistant adhesives for increased moisture resistance.

We stock a large selection of general utility sizes. Our master box sizes are designed to specifically fit our inner freezer cartons and IQF bags. Our custom print design service is FREE. We can quickly develop custom-construction samples to your exact requirements. We use a bright white surface color coating to make your graphics jump out presenting your logo well.