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Wax Saturated Boxes

Wax saturated boxes provide protection during long term exposure to wet environments, and are also the right choice for over 60lbs of product weight.

  • Tough Construction won't fail on you
  • Efficient & Cost Effective
  • Longer Term Ice Exposure
  • Shipped flat - space saving
  • Over 30 Sizes always in Stock
  • Free Custom Graphic Design


  • One Piece Self-Locking Closure
    Design uses a hinged back or regular top with bottom slots, quick & easy to assembly, incredibly strong slot & score design

  • One Piece, Staple Closure
    Most common construction, designed to hold up to 300 lbs, strapping is recommended for weights over 100 lbs

  • 2 Piece, Staple Closure, Telescoping Lid
    End panels have multiple corrugated layers for extra strength, full or short telescoping lids available, and option of self-locking or staple style closures

  • 2 Piece, Self-Locking Closure
    This design is typically used for larger sized products due to the double side and end wall construction the design creates

  • Fully Customized Construction
    Easy to create customized size and construction with free sample provided

Wax Saturated Boxes Our wax saturated boxes are the toughest most reliable design available on the market. The boxes are made of special water-resistant materials that are placed under 3 cascades of hot wax, completely enveloping the box creating a wax shell on the inside, outside, and throughout all interior corrugated flutes. There are other wax treatments available but we have found none as effective as our wax saturation.